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HP Software and Solutions

HP Software & Solutions

iDeliver is Specialist Partner for HP Software and Authorized Services Management Partner – Software (ASMP-S). iDeliver resells products and offers certified consulting and educational services for HP test management software. iDeliver is one of the only few partners authorized to bring performance testing on project basis that includes software, hardware and services in single package keeping the cost optimized. Here are the key HPSS authorized services that iDeliver can bring to customer:

  • Software resell
    • Customer can buy HP Software at competitive price from iDeliver
    • iDeliver specializes in Legacy Mercury such as QC, QTP, BPT, BAC, Diagnostics and Performance Center/LoadRunner products.
  • Support maintenance renewal & support provider (ASMP-S)
    • Customers can buy/renew their annual maintenance contracts with iDeliver while keeping the support personalized and increase time to value.
  • Project-based performance validation services (PPVS)
    • Customer can resort to complete care performance testing when their need is project based.
    • iDeliver can bring project based discounted license, cloud based infrastructure to drive the load and certified personnel to drive the load test.

iDeliver leverages its HP certified pool of resources with years of industry/domain knowledge to support the customers.

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